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Algernon's visit made me forget, guess what?

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I only had Maud ALMOST on my knee today!


I was sitting on the bench in front of the conservatory, supervising their free time. I had some mixed corn in a coop cup and I rattled it next to me on the bench and Maud jumped up on the bench right next to me. So, I moved the cup closer to me until she was almost on my knee, she let me stroke her the whole time! I could have had her on my knee but her shoes were covered in mud so I decided against!


Fatima was funny as she was doing the dilly dance at my feet and kept looking like she was going to jump up but didn't quite pluck up the courage!


The other 2 were over near the run, diggin in tandem, oblivious!


I'm almost there! :)

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Yay! Well done Maud!


The best mine do is run in a silly way if I go in the garden when they're out - very funny!


Right - I can go get my shower now I've heard your news!


Jo :P


enjoy your shower!


pssst, next time there will be photos! ;)

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Yesss, :clap: you are nearly in the "My Chicken Sits On My Knee Club" .



oh maaaaaaaaaaaaaan, do I need glasses!


That's exactly why she got yay far yet no further! :D

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goodness me, I can't keep her away now!


I let them out this afternoon for their constitutional and while they all legged it off to their favourite bit of the garden, I trundled over to the bench to sit down. No sooner had me cheeks hit cedar than there was Maud, sat next to me, tugging at me jacket! Well, not MY jacket, it's DH's jacket that I had to wash that time when she flapped unmentionables all over it!


She was tugging at the toggles and trying to get behind me and even tried to get on my knee! I had to stop her as her feet were awfully icky but wow!


Of course, when she realised there was nothing in it for her (i.e. that I had no corn on me) she flounced off but it was a touching moment, brought tears to me eyes.


Later, when I actually did have some corn, we had a lovely snuggly time on the bench :)


Fatima still dilly dancing at my feet and the other 2 digging to China or somewhere!


No sign of Algernon tonight but he's out there, waiting for me, I'm certain of it! :shock: Mind you, as long he's OUT there and I'm IN here, everybody's happy!

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