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Aylesbury ducks

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If you've already got Aylesbury's then you probably know a bit about their good and bad sides! but I'll tell you about my experience.


We've kept two for 8 years (Samson and Delilah). They replaced a couple of Silver Appleyard which Mr. Fox took. Both very much pets. We were supposed to have two females but the place we bought from didn't do a good job of sexing so we got a male and a female.

They are large birds so always make sure you've got the space for them. They are extremely good at turning grass into mud. They also do a good job of removing slugs and snails although can be a bit vigorous removing from plants!

The male can be aggressive especially in Spring and will give a nip on any exposed flesh. Female much more friendly. So I would generally only recommend females. They make good pets and the more time you spend with them the more friendly they become.

They love water and the more water you give them the more fun they have. They particularly like deep water for some of their more mad antics. Saying that they will keep themselves in good condition with just a large bucket of water fresh daily but just won't have so much fun. It's really up to how much time and effort and space you have. They can make a pond very yukky in a surprisingly small amount of time so whatever you give them is going to need cleaning regularly.

Noise levels are not too bad. Females tend to be louder but only when they are acting as guard ducks.

Females will lay eggs on a fairly regular basis but don't expect vast amounts or consistency. One the size of a quails egg followed by a double-yoker the next day. Taste OK but nothing sepcial. I think Campbells are best for eggs.

Sadly Samson died late last year so on the lookout for a (less vicious) replacement as Delilah does miss his company.

Any other questions let me know and good luck with your Aylesburys.

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Hello and thank you for all the info.

Yes, I know about their good and bad habits!!!

They seems to love my plants!

Our Ducks are Donald and Daisy and had them about 7-8 month now.

We have had some lovely eggs.

Ours are friendly but onl if they know you! lol


Do the ucks eggs ever hatch?


Once again, thank you for the info

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