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Neighbour making formal noise complaint.

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23 hours ago, soapdragon said:

Contact the Environmental Health Dept at your local Council.........make a noise complaint. They will send you a noise log to keep with details of volume, times etc and they will also write to the neighbour to make them aware that a complaint has been lodged and that the situation is being monitored. Sometimes this is all it takes to resolve the matter however, you can then submit the noise log after 2 weeks and the Council will then consider whether further correspondance with the neighbour is appropriate.  It's always better to follow the proper channels and take action than to sit and seethe.

Not sure what the allowed decibel levels are for outside noise but I'm a bit doubtful these birds exceed the limit. It's especially the non-stop noise, they do not shut up for a single second. It's constant, You're out in the garden you can hear them, I walk a couple of seconds  to my car on the driveway, you can hear them, I open the window etc etc

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On 9/30/2020 at 1:41 PM, AndyRoo said:

Two of my neighbours have aviaries. On either side of me. It isn't fair on birds to keep them indoors in cramped little cages, which is why aviaries are better. If you don't like the noise, move. It isn't up to you to dictate what pets your neighbours can and can't have. And what you're suggesting sounds like criminal damage and harassment to me, if I were your neighbour reading this, I'd likely ask the police to investigate you after reading that.

As I already stated: neighbours do have aviaries, and loud children, and dogs barking, and I have the noise from the main road, and the birds in the trees and a million other constant noises. I just recognise that I can't expect everyone to only have pets that I deem suitable for them. The way that, if you had a very yappy dog, I wouldn't lean over the fence and say that you have to keep the dog inside and silent at all times because it's irritating me... 

I'm not even sure that you have the best neighbours in the world; it sounds to me like you just live next to reasonable people. Which most of us do! ;)

As I thought, no idea. You even state later that it depends on what music it is whether or not you would have a problem. Move! Yeah, great idea.  You and people like you give sensible pet owners a bad name. People who think their neighbours will have no problem with the noise their pets make are clearly selfish at best.  Constant noise is a nuisance and listening to caged birds screaming all day is a nuisance.  It is also probably a sign that the bird is distressed. 

On 10/6/2020 at 1:45 PM, soapdragon said:

Contact the Environmental Health at your local council - they will be able to advise you and at least you will feel that you are doing something positive.

Thanks, I have contacted them and moves are afoot to get the neighbours to move their offending birds out of earshot of their long suffering neighbour despite their protestations that they don't notice the noise.  A win for common sense. 

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On 9/29/2020 at 4:11 PM, DarkPool70 said:

IMO there's a BIG difference between a kid that occassionaly screams, a dog that occasionally  yaps or an aviary full of birds that never.shut.up! As soon as I'm in the garden I can hear them chirp, chickens are mainly silent apart from the egg laying thing but I don't mind that, It's all about the amount of noise and in the case of an aviary it's incessant, ongoing and very annoying. It's the equivalent of me playing dance music from 6-20 in my garden at a level within the legal decibel range. Not necessary and you are certain to upset your neighbours. If you want to keep birds, fine, keep them indoors and don't be a nuisance towards your neighbours.

Exactly that. The equivalent of playing music from dawn to dusk every single day of the year. And it seems like your neighbour and my neighbour are just selfish, thick, vindictive or all three. 

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To be honest in this situation, I'm not sure which is the best option - being able to hear or being deaf.

Of the 2, I would pick being able to hear over being deaf.

Sadly we just have to put up with noise and neighbours we find irritating.

People are entitled to their own opinions as indeed they are entitled to have what they like in their gardens.

Like Cat tails, I have tinnitus and sometimes the noise in my ears is awful and certain outdoor noises make my ears ache and I can't stand some noises.

But right now, life is too short and there are more important things to worry about.


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