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Congrats to Angels4?.......

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An explanation.... at the bottom of the forum home page, where it says who is online there is sometimes a message of birthday congratulations to someone. This pops up only if you fill in the date of birth part of your profile in your user control panel. NB, if you fill in your year of birth, it will display your age as well as congratulations on the forum home page, so beware! :lol:

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Stand and deliver, you're money or your life ........


I'm older than I look !! 8) (wishful thinking)


Poor old Adam's not doing too well nowadays eh? (Is his real name Stuart?) :think:

yes it is Clootie its stuart goddard i belive ( not sure why i know that ) must get out more !!


And Happy Belated Birthday Mark ( sorry was not online yesterday ) sound like you had fun anyway.

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