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Congrats to Angels4?.......

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You all are an amazing bunch. 1.gif Yes it is my Birthday and I turned 46. Considering the alternative (Pushing Daisies) 46 is not so bad. I had to work today, but what better way to spend your birthday than giving the gift of education.

Later this evening my sister, the kids, and I are going to our county fair to look at some chickens. On the 12th there will be an auction of some POL pure breeds (better get the walk in run built) DS made me a strawberry/rubharb pie (ask me about her first attempt sometime :wink:) and chinese for dinner.

My inbox was full today from my coworkers leaving birthday greetings and then to come home to the well wishes of my fellow forum members has made a fantastic day even better. :D

Thank you all,

Mark 1.gif

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oh, I love chinese :D


Kev makes a mean chinese banquet - his chicken and sweetcorn soup is to die for :D .


what did you have?


did you get a candle in it :lol: ?





Egg rolls (have to have egg rolls) :D Rice, brown not white (DS is on South Beach) Steak Terriyaki, Pepper Steak, Chicken Wings :shh: (don't tell the girls) and Fried Shrimp.

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