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Wh hens

which are the best mothers

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I have a welsummer, wheaten maran and a hybrid, I'm planning to hatch chicks for a friend, My maran was broody last week, but I think i could get her broody again by putting eggs in the nest box(any other ways of getting them broody are appreciated) but im wondering which hen will be the best broody/mother?

thank you!

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By co-incidence we have a 6 year old Marans broody at the moment; sure she will make a great mother. In my experience you get good broodies from lots of breeds, except in our case Leghorns and it's likely your hybrid is a Leghorn cross. The important factor is age. Young bloodies are unlikely to stay the distance and may well panic when the chicks hatch and attack them. We had an Orpington that ate them!

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