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Chicken Licken

XMAS dinner for 40

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In a moment of madness I agreed to cook a christmas lunch for some of the kids I teach - there are 24 of them. By the time all of the necessary TAs are added (the kids are all special needs and some need help with feeding etc), 4 guests and the requisite other teachers. The total looks closer to 40 than the 30 I had planned on.

Anyway this is the question, we plan to do roast chicken, roast potatoes, cauliflower cheese, peas and carrots. Pudding will be Xmas pud (bought not home made I'm afraid), choc gateux or fruit jelly. Do you think 5 big chickens will be enough? (the girls are asleep and have their ears firmly shut so I can ask this question). Thankfully we have our own kitchen with 5 full sized ovens in!

Not all of the kids will eat that much - but some will eat loads - food is an issue for many!! The adults are gannets!

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Depends how big the chickens are really - usually allow for half a pound weight of bird for each guest, but that allows for some cold as well so that would be more than generous for one meal.


Good Luck!!!!! - you'll make the rest of us feel so much better when we're catering for just 10 or 12 :lol:

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