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The fantastic service rave thread!!!

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Ok, there's a couple of rant about delivery and service threads around here just now, so I thought I'd share my experience of fantastic service that I've received this week...


I ordered some stuff from a seller on Amazon yesterday morning, thinking that it would probably arrive by about Wednesday/Thursday - plenty time to be wrapped and stashed for the 25th. I ordered it at 11:32am, and by 12:45, had received an email from the sleer confirming the payment had processed, and that it would be despatched soon. At 4:24pm, I received an email stating that the parcel had been despatched, and it's just arrived at my front door 10 minutes ago. 8)8)8)8) Less than 24 hours from order to delivery!

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Not quite the same but I had to go for a blood test on Friday. I told the phlebotomist (can't spell, sorry) that it was the best blood test I have ever had, I didn't feel a thing. Meanwhile the lady in the chair next to me having blood taken was waggling her foot up & down! Bet she wished she had had my Phle....blood-taker lady instead :lol:

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