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Limping silkie

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Hi all, 

we have a silkie pullet around 26/28 weeks. We have had her around 8 weeks. background info: She hasn’t come into lay yet but has been beginning to crouch when I go near to pick

her up so was hoping her first egg would be soon… she is a small bird and integration to our flock to a while (we got her with two others). She also has an interesting way of eating and sometimes it’s pot luck if she gets what she is pecking at!!! We tried to trim her hair incase it was getting in the way! 

anyway, a couple of days ago we noticed her limping so when we looked we saw one of her toe nails had disappeared and there was some dried blood. We purple

sprayed it etc put her down only to notice she was holding her opposite leg up! We examined and can see no

visible signs of injury! She is walking tentatively and often sitting down so we removed her from the flock. 

any ideas what could have happened or how we can help? 


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On 8/6/2022 at 9:32 PM, mullethunter said:

Pretty much impossible to say with so little to go on I’m afraid. Although maybe whatever event caused her to lose a claw on one foot has also injured her other leg.

Thank you for your response. Yes I know it’s hard as we have no other evidence or signs of anything! Other than her being evidentially bottom of the pecking order and gets chased a lot still! And seems to be a bit clumsy! 

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