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Chickens not comming out/feeding

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I picked up 6 Isa Browns yesterday from the local hachery, they are said to be «laying ready» age (don’t know the exact english term), however they refuse to come out of the house (cube 2) to feed and water. I left them a good hour in the cube with the door closed when they arrived as suggested by some people, then opened the door to the run. I left them alone for 2 h hoping a brave/hungry soul would venture out in the world. As it was getting late in the afternoon I decided I needed to get them a chance to eat/drink before sundown I moved half of them to the run where the food and water is by hand, hoping the rest would follow, half an hour later I had to move the rest as there was no movement. They did pick the ground and walk around a bit after a while but I dont believe any of them drank/ate from the trays, maybe they ate some of the feed i’d spead on the grass. 

As there no water/feed inside the cube how should I proceed if they continue huddling toghether or not comming out to the run at all  (they all reentered the cube by themselves dusk)? Should I put a tarp over the run with only one side open to make it less scary? Should I buy a single older heritage breed hen like a Bielefelder as an elder sister to show the world outside the hatchery works? Suggestions and experiences appreciated, thanks!


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