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bantums living in the run and cube

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I'm about to get four speckled sussex bantums and have already got my cude with standard run.


Most people seem to be able to let their chickens free range, we are unable to do this but am feeling bad about them being in the run all the time.


Do you think we should buy another metre run extension or will they be quite happy?


Does anyone with experience of bantums know if they scratch and make as much mess as hybrid chickens?

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I don't know the exact ratio of bantams/cube space, but I'd have thought it is big enough for four of them.


I have to keep my (standard size) chooks in the run, I can't let them free-range unless I am there, and in recent weeks their free-ranging has been minimal due to short days/Christmas commitments etc. I do feel bad about it, but they are healthy and seem perfectly happy so I've tried to stop worrying about it as there is nothing I can do - if I let them out they would be 'foxed' before the end of the first day.


An extension will probably give you some peace of mind, but I'm sure they will be fine in the standard run.

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Apparently, if they never experiance free ranging they do not miss it. I have read that eventually you can leave the door open and they will ignore the door being open!!! Not sure about that one, but sure that you should not worry.

They will have masses of room in a cube and run.

Lucky you :D

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