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Egg within an egg

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My Miss Pepperpot has also had problems with her egg-laying - they vary a lot in size and she has laid soft-shelled ones. Then on Christmas day she laid a huge bum-clinching egg that was so wrinkly and rough it looked like a sci-film prop. When we opened it, we found another equally wrinkled (and soft) egg within. Is this something to worry/take her to the vets about or will it iron out (excuse the pun) as she grows older? She is otherwise feisty and well....

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I'm sure Helena will be fine. How new is she to egg laying?


My PP lays the odd softie from time to time but calcium carbonate (limestone flour) put a stop to that. I sprinkle a teaspoon of it into the grub, everytime I fill it.


I'm sure she will be ok, it does take a while for their egg laying bits to settle down.

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She has only been laying since mid November so a novice really. I suppose it is just that her coop mate is so ordinary and reliable - the contrast is there. I have noticed now that before any of her larger eggs she gets in a particularly bad mood and will not be stroked and will not crouch (it may be awkward/painful for her).


Thank you for the excellent advice...I think an addition to her food may well be a very good idea....

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Baking some egg shells and grinding them down in a pestle and mortar also works, but the limestone flour is brilliant stuff.


When I got my first 3, Shirley didn't lay for months and Laverne laid softies and Babs

(RIP) laid very hard shelled eggs. There was no rhyme or reason to it, just the way they are I suppose.


Vitamin D, helps them to absorb calcium better, so I use cod liver oil tabs every now and then, adding a few drops to their pellet porridge.


Hope this helps!

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