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Ive had my buff orpington for a while and shes started crowing lately and i thought that was just because hens crow too sometimes, one of my bantams does anyway, but now shes started mounting my poor little light sussex. at first i thought this was them fighting but i think she must be trying to mate.

do girls ever do this if they are confused or do i definitely have a male? :(

ive checked her legs and cant find any signs of spurs and she looks girly. ill get some pictures of her uploaded tomorrow.

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yeah ive looked at her again this morning and shes definitely a boy. as is one of my bantams. again. stupid woodside! they garunteed girls and now i dont think i have the receit anymore but i wouldnt want to take him back there anyway.


grrr dam it, im gonnahave to get rid of those two and now ill only have 3 chickens left. hy am i having such rotten luck. :evil:


incidentially does anybody want them? i know its silly to advertise boys on here but i thought id double check.


ill have to go to teh other forums now.

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