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Viv C

MK1 Cube and Run Available in Bedfordshire

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I have a 12 years old Omlet Cube MK1, on wheel + Run + 2M x 2M Walk in Run + Drinkers & Feeders + Cube Covers + Cube Blankets + Spare Roosting Bars + 3 x Aubiose…..They are old (Cube color faded; rust on some run panels) but still in working condition.  I used them for my 3 Pekins that I got 12 years ago, the last one died last Tuesday, so I am giving the coop up to who can make use of them.  I am in Bedfordshire (Fairfield, near Hitchin / Letchworth).  

I have included a photo here.  I will jet wash them but you will need to dismantle and collect if you are interested.  All for free.  Thanks.


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Hi Viv

I am sorry to hear that your last Pekin died recently however they must have had a really good life to last that long.

Are the above items still available, I really want to give my small bantam flock more space during the latest “flockdown”.

If they are I could come and pick it up tomorrow or if that isn’t convenient, on Monday.

Best wishes



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Hi Alison,

Thanks for your kind words.

Yes, they are available.  Let me jet wash them tomorrow and you can pick them up Sunday ?  Are you ok with the dismantling ? (It will take time…)  If needed I can jet wash them Saturday and you can pick them up late Saturday…… just let me know how to communicate with you off this post.  Thanks.




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