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Poultry Specialist Vets?

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I've had a hard time locating any veterinary practices that specialise in poultry. I'm in Bedfordshire but would be willing to go fairly far afield - Home Counties and western east anglia. Does anyone have anyone they can recommend? Our vet is good but we'd just like to be able to get a second opinion on some possible minor surgery to help ease the laboured breathing of our hen with sterile egg peritonitis.


Thanks in advance

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There's a sticky HERE with a list of vets recommended by forum users, and there is also a list in each edition of Practcial Poultry magazine. It might be an idea to call around the practices in your area to see if any of them either treat chooks, or can recommend one that can.


Our local surgery has a farm practice and the main vet there is one of this countries leading avian specialists.

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