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Lonely chicken

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Looking for advice please.

We lost a chicken overnight (expected, non bird flu) and now we have one remaining. We made the decision a while ago to no longer keep chickens and slowly our little flock has naturally gone from six to one (six year old but good health)

Our plan was that at this point we would re home her but because of the situation now, we can't do that. What can we do ? She faces a winter of being on her own in a large eglu with no buddy to keep her warm. We have a large walk in attached to the omlet run - would it be sensible to at least dismantle that so she feels more secure in her space? Husband thinks maybe it would be kinder to just despatch - I am totally conflicted and hope someone here can reassure / tell me their experiences


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Some chickens are fine on their own and some go into a depressed state quite quickly, stop moving about, talking and then eating. Until you discover how yours is behaving talk of despatch is a bit premature. I wouldn't reduce the size of her area as that's what she is used to and doing that may depress her. Picking her up and talking to her can help as can feeding a few treats. Our loner gets a couple of grapes a day which are cut up so she doesn't swallow them whole and choke. She also likes a bit of chick grain (crushed, so smaller) scattered over the floor.

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