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Domestic Fowl Trust - isn't it great?

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I just wanted to say that I made my first visit to The Domestic Fowl Trust this week. It certainly won't be my last! What a fabulous place!!! I had a whale of a time walking around and chatting to all the lovely chooks. I had no idea just how many breeds there are. Took loads of pics.


I definitely want more girls but I need to build them a bigger run first. My girls are only allowed out to free range for an hour or two a day, when I'm around to watch them, since we lost our lovely Mulder to a fox in September. I've been looking at all the lovely designs on the forum to get inspiration for run designs.

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It was more than a "bit" muddy, but well worth the trip.


Yes the shop is great. I was like a kid in a sweetshop browsing all the lovely chook-related goodies.


I'm besotted with my girls. My little Toffee, who is last in the pecking order, has just started laying again after a major moult, so I'm really pleased.

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Hi MedusA,


After seeing your post saying how good the domestic fowl trust was and seeing that you lived in Birmingham which is not far from me as I live in Coventry I decided to look it up on the internet on Wednesday night as I did not know where it was and found to my delight that it really was not that far away.


My husband and I both had a day off yesterday and as he has been the main chicken care lately as I have been going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark I have said he could pick the next chicken we get but he had no idea what he wanted. So we jumped in the car put the sat nav on and went to the trust and had a great time feeding and looking at all the chooks, oh and putting a few chooks back in there runs as the doors had blown open :lol:


Just have one problem now and that is we liked so many I think it wont belong before we order a cube




Also have to say thank you to lesley for saying how mudding it was going to be, I well and truely christened my mock crock wellies :lol:

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Hi Claire.


Glad you had a nice day out. It's brilliant, isn't it? I expect it's easier on the footwear in the summer, but Lesley did say it's always a bit muddy. We shooed (?sp)some escapees back too. On the day I went, I was sorely tempted with some legbars that they had for sale, but restrained myself until I've built my new bigger run. I asked about Araucanas as they are originally from Chile (like my OH), but they told me that they are usually sold as eggs or chicks due to the popularity of green egg-layers, and as I need to know any chooks I get are hens, it doesn't look likely I'll get one. :(


I'll definitely go back again when the weather is better. Bondinho - it is definitely worth a trip, if only to have a look at all the wonderful breeds they have.

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