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help help ???

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Hello l have 2 call ducks one female and one male.They have been getting up to things (naughty little ducks he he ) any way yesterday she was in the eglu and when she latter came out there was 2 eggs in there any way l left them there in case she was going to sit on them but every time l checked to see if she was with her little mate he was alone.Then latter she seemed to lose interest in the eggs so im a bit confused.Is this normal for ducks that are not broody.Also should l have more then 1 female and if so how easy is it to put another female in a pair that only know each other.????

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I was told when we collected our pair of ducks, that the duck doesn't make as good mother and not to expect babies.


Ours went broody though and so we let her sit and made plans for if she abandoned her babies. She didn't and she made a great mother. The drake was a problem because he tried to kill the babies :roll: WQe had to separate the drake from the duck and ducklings until they were old enough to run away from him.


Our pair seemed to cope until this year when the one duckling that the duck raised was a girl (the previous three were boys who went in the freezer) The drake was forever chasing the little girl as she became older and so we introduced another grown up duck for him and all seems well now. We didn't have problems introducing another duck - not like introducing hens thankfully.

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