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baldy bottoms!

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Just been out & played with the chooks in the garden & noticed quite a few ginger Audrey feathers in the nest & around the run. She must be having another mini moult. Her undercarriage is rather bald too. I've given her a picking up & health check - no mites or lice - so I presume it's just a bit of moulting. Or she is pulling them out herself because she is missing Rita? I know it's not Blanche plucking her, as I spy on them at night & Blanche sleeps with her head of Audrey's back. Awwwwww

Blanche who she is in with is fully feathered & at the best she's looked for ages - Bless her. Even her oily stuck together duck feathers on her back have gone & are all silky now.

Bounty - my magpie chook in the pink eglu is also a teeny bit baldy round her bottom - again no lice or mites & none in the houses either. She could be being pecked by Smartie - the boss chook. But nothing terrible.

Is it just moulting or should I worry??



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