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Need a a bit of info about eggs

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Hi i recently got 2 chcikens on Novermber 28th 2007 and was wondering when they they lay there eggs (i mean during the day or at nght etc) and when would be the eta ?? 41 days now and i got them at 17 weeks so ... should be laying - 23 days ago ?? and i thaught 41 days was quite a long time :cry: and i am now waiting for the day when i open them up and - hey presto and nice shiny egg :D.


A few unrelated topics:

How do i change my display picture?

How do i put chicken emotions im my signiture?

And when do chickens become tame enough to pick up and stoke? I

^^^cant even stroke them withut them backing away? ^^^

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laying can vary depending on breed. My maran started laying at 22 weeks of age but some can lay at 26 weeks and my cochins are 28 weeks and are no where near laying.


My maran lays any time of the day, sometimes she's laid an egg even before I've opened the eglu door in the morning (before 8am) and other times she lays mid afternoon. Sometimes I think it depends on the weather :think:


Picking them up/stroking - keep doing it....try encouraging them with some treats/corn from your hand and stroke them whilst they are eating from your hand, or sit on a garden chair with your treats and in a flash you will have chickens sat on your lap!! :D if you keep picking them up they will soon get used to it!

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this will help with emotions/pics in your signature -




To add the little Eglu and chicken pictures to the signature at the end of all your postings, you need to add them using codes.


Go to your profile at the top left of the screen and scroll down to “signature”. In there, you can type in any of the following codes:-


For all the codes, remove the * when typing them yourself but don't leave a space where it was - I have to put the * in so you can see the codes or you'd just get the picture!


– Brown Hen type in G*NR

- Black Hen type in P*P

– Grey/Blue hen type in (*Bluebelle)

– White hen type in (*white chicken)

– red Eglu type in (*red eglu)

– orange Eglu type in (*orange eglu)

- yellow Eglu type in (*yellow eglu)

– green Eglu type in (*green eglu)

– blue Eglu type in (*blue eglu)

– pink Eglu type in (*pink eglu)

– egg type in !*egg!

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Hello! It cold also be the AWFUL weather, they tend to stop or slow up on the laying during the winter months so that could be a factor. It takes a little while for them to get used to you but once they start laying they will be easier to catch and tamer too. Mealworms are a favourite of mine, also tinned sweetcorn and well, basically all food! :lol:

Good luck with your chooks, hope you find that egg soon!


Mrs Bertie

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Just a quick tip on handling them as I asked the same thing - try lifting them out of the side hatch once they've gone down to roost and stroking them when they are quiet and docile. Mine are a lot happier to be handled now I've been doing that daily!

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I reckon you might have another month before you get eggs. The two that I got aged 16 weeks at the end of November only started laying a couple of weeks ago at about 23 weeks. They start later during the winter - short days, less time to feed and so on.


Handling them will get easier once they're laying as they will 'crouch' for you, which is basically where they freeze completely thinking you're a lusty cockerel and you can pick them up without them running off. Some hens like being handled, some don't.


Welcome to the forum!



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