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How long do tropical fish live?

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Found our female dwarf gourami dying this morning. She had been getting a bit bloaty and slowing down over the last few days so I thought it was likely.


We'd had her and her male partner for nearly two years, is that a reasonable lifespan for a gourami or should I be looking for causes other than old age? We lost a guppy a month or so ago that swelled up until it looked about to burst and was euthanased, we hadn't had that as long but still well over a year.


We've got a bog standard 75 litre tank.


Thanks for any replies


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Hi there,


Well it varies, I've had some fish last a few weeks (probably not good stock from the shop) But I did have 2 Golden Barbs that lived for over 10 years! :D


The sound of your fish bloating up like that doesn't sound too good it could be 'Dropsy', did the scales stick out? I've just read about it, it's caused by a build up of fluid in its body - this fluid can infect other healthy fish so they need to be taken out of the tank asap.


Hope this info helps you, fingers crossed thats the end of it now, Regards, Dyan

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