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Big Lump Coming Out of Eye

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Hi All,

I hope everybody is well and nearly over the January blues!

Daisy (a Pekin Bantam) has always had a little 'tick' in her eye since we got her in early 2020, when she was around 4 months old. In the past 3 or 4 months the lump has got a lot worse and it almost looks like a cyst that's developed. We're not sure what it is and I have been, where possible, putting a couple of eye drops in. We're considering going to the vets but, if i'm honest, our local vet isn't great with poultry from our experience so it's not filling us with confidence. 

Has anybody seen similar in their girls or anybody has any ideas what it could be? I've looked online and there's nothing obvious, no worms or movements in it, but as you can see it's not nice visually. Last time I posted it was such a good response and some really great feedback so I thought i'd try again!

Daisy is eating well, droppings are fine, she's her usual self as far as we can see but the eye is a big concern, and we hope she's not suffering (although she doesn't appear to be!).

I've attached some images which show the difference in the eyes, as you can see it's not pleasant.

Thanks all!

P.S. One of our hens started laying again at the start of the year, exceptionally early for them, anybody else experienced similar? Perhaps the warm spell before christmas 'tricked' her?





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Update! I took Daisy to the vet today and he said that he's confident it's not a tumour and believes that it's either Conjunctivitis or Chlamydia, and that it shoudn't get worse.

He also tested the lump and pierced it to check if it was a swollen gland or similar but it was confirmed it's not.

I asked if Daisy would be in pain and he said it's very unlikely she will be based upon his diagnosis so it's good news at the moment. She was a little star! I've separated her from the other two hens and will continue to do so for the next week as (for all I know) they might be pecking it when nobody is looking, so it might give a chance for it to heal and then we can determine if that is the problem. 

EDIT: Vet also said that the eye behind the lump looks perfect which pleased him when he saw it.

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