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Chicken Proof Plants

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I was wondering if any of you Hen enthusiasts out there could recommend some relatively Hen proof plants for a back garden. We got our Girls last year and although they are not too destructive they made short work of the annuals, particularly petunias which they dug up, and geraniums, which they stripped of leaves. We normally only let them out of the egloo under supervision in order to stop any henny misbehaviour and vandalism, but we cant have eyes in the back of our heads! We dont really want to put fencing around the border, and anyway the girls would probably just jump over it. I have tried talking to our hens, Amber and Ginger, but they just say that they are 'gardening'........

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dont know what type of plants you like but my hens dont touch my plants, I have quite a "jungle" type garden with -


Bamboo, tree fern, ferns, hostas, palms, cordalines (sp!) grasses, japanese maples


In the summer I planted patio pots/tubs and found my girls loved munching the summery plants especially lobelia. :roll:

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I haven't had my hens long but already it looks as if anything that grows from a corm or crown (like a perenniel) is going to struggle with all the scratching. I expect things that are already established might be ok but the forget me nots and bulbs that are trying to grow at the moment are having a hard time. I've devised a temporary solution of wire hanging baskets placed upside down over vulnerable crowns of plants i spent a lot of money on before we had the idea of hens which I'm hoping will at least give the plants a change and are invisible from teh house.



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