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Advice please - are chickens quieter in the morning when shut in coop or when door is left open so they can access run?

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I've had my girls for 6 months. They moved in in September. We used to close the coop door but then we started leaving it open so they could get up when they wanted. We had a comment that they were making noise at 6am. I've listened out for them every morning since then and not heard a peep. I never hear anything when I'm out in the garden or going out in the car unless  someone goes near the run. The coop is screened all  sides by a fence, summer house and garage so they can't see us unless we go near the coop. They screech rather than cluck when they know someone is there but this is always for food.

I have anxiety and am a bit worried about a chicken dawn chorus at 4am over the summer. Can someone put my mind at rest? I only have two and they are lohman browns which are meant to be quiet. They have a 7ft by 4ft run and raised coop with hemp bedding on the floor for digging in, logs, a swing, rat proof treddle feeder, hanging bags for food.

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I think I replied to your other post. It’s down to the individual hen, and what you get them used to.

Feeding them treats in the morning, will make them start to demand them, not necessarily at the right time. Locking them in will often start making them demand their freedom and chickens do this with their voice.

Personally I prefer clucks to screeches. I have rehomed a screecher before!


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