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Claire B

How many chickens

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Hi Everyone,


I need your advice please, I am going to buy a cube and have a run built by the same guy who did xScrunchee's and was wondering how many chickens I would be able to get with the run being 15ft x 6ft. Unfortunately due to my circumstances they will in the run most of the time.


So what do you think :?:

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I would say you could manage about ten comfortably in a run that size :D


We have six in the standard cube run and I reckon its too small for that many. It was fine in the summer when they got to play out a lot, but we have had a few feather pecking issues since the weather turned. I intend to build a walk in run too and include an adventure playground to keep them amused, it will mean moving the greenhouse unfortunately. But then we will probably get another four, probably ex-batts :D



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