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Making walk in run from old green house. What mesh and what free toys can I put in it?

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Neville (yes it's a girl) and Samantha are upgrading from a small run to a walk in run made from an old green house frame. If anyone has done this what type of mesh did you use to keep as many rodents out as possible and what free or cheap toys can I put in? At the moment they are in a wooden coop with attached run so this will be sitting in the walk in run. The coop is raised off the concrete shed base floor. I'm concerned that it might be crowded with the old coop in their and it's run but it does mean I can shut them up in a smaller space. Neville likes to help when I'm cleaning them out.

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When using a greenhouse frame for a run @rosielx, you need to remember that the strength comes from the glass, which you won't be using. Whilst the frame is braced internally, it's only to keep the whole thing square for fitting the panes. You need to fit weld mesh panels where the glass used to fit. Use half inch maximum galvanised (hot dip, not electroplated) and hold the panels in place with the original glass clips, which you can buy. When that's all in place and holding the frame rigid add the roof covering, which could just be a tarp. But be aware there are sharp corners on the framework so you may need to add some pipe insulation as a cushion. The whole structure is now going to be very light, so to keep it in place you will need to tie it down. Here we use galvanised steel wire to ground pegs with threaded hook adjusters to tension it. It's going to be a sizeable amount of work, but the last thing you want is it collapsing with snow or blowing away.

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