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Mucousy chicken

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My elderly chicken is sounding a little bubbly and once or twice I’ve seen mucous drip from her beak. There have also been a couple of loose droppings, but at her age (9.5 years), she does sometimes do these anyway. I don’t think I can be dealing with avian flu, since the first signs were nearly a week ago, she’s still active, eating, laying and putting the younger ones in their place, and my other chickens are fine. What would be the best way to treat her, and should I be concerned about eating the eggs at this point? Thanks for any advice.

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I'd look in her mouth and down her throat for cream coloured cankers. Accompanied by a bad breath smell they are caused by a parasite living in the airways. Normally they are kept under control by the immune system but as chickens get older their immune system becomes less effective. If she has these vet treatment is required quickly. Sure she won't be laying at 9 years old, but the eggs won't be affected anyway?

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