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Garlic powder

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I went to buy hemcore at my local horsey supplier and saw they had garlic powder. I didn't buy it as I wasn't sure it was suitable for hens (it was for horses, obviously).


They did have a lower strength powder - Chinese as opposed to American (I think). Would that be OK for hens or not? I no longer have the tub for the powder I've been using so can't check if it gives a strength or not (the horsey ones didn't anyway so don't suppose that would help :roll: ).


Anyone know?

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The one I've got is NAF american super strong (or similar - tub is in the shed and I'm too cold to go out there to check!)


I didn't even consider it might be too strong - the chooks seem fine on it and I love the smell of garlic so it doesn't worry me. I put about a teaspoon or so in the grub when I fill it up.



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