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Help...bullying cockerel!..awful!!

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.... :cry: I have a lovely family of birdies, 3 chickens, a khaki campbell duck and a cockerel.2 chicks live together, these are the oldest group very assertive the light sussex is the leader of the whole bunch a lovely girl though :D .In my other coop I have my duck and a another chick both paired nicely as we hatched them together.Also with them we have the cockerel the newest member who we have had 5 wks.They were all settling nicely and bedding down to roost together well.I put them to bed tues night no probs.My daughter fed them all weds morning and let them out(they all wander the farm during daylight).She mentioned that colin,s(thats my duck whose a girl but when we hatched her thought she was a drake hence the name colin :roll: ) eye was looking funny.I tried to catch her to check buts shes a monkey once let out so I had to wait till roosting time last night.Upon inspection it appears her eye has been pecked :cry: ........took her to the vets last night and her eye has gone.....SHES NOW BLIND IN THAT EYE ITS A MESS :cry: , shes on anti biotics and painkillers.Shes, much her usual self quacking eating and drinking as normal etc.I feel so upset as do the children as shes a proper pet to us and has been hand reared.Now my gut instinct is the cockerel has done this too her, I,ve tried to imagine other scenarios such as caught it on a branch, a magpie or rook, or hawk got her.....but the only conclusion is basil the cockerel.What should I do.....get rid of him my breeder friend gave him to me she was going to have him for the table :wink: , so we saved him :roll: ....should I try and stick it out with him....I,m thinking of the welfare of my other girls............HELP!!

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