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Sorry another run question- roof

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Sorry to be asking so many questions but.... :)

I was wondering where people bought the roofing for their runs. I mean the pvc corrugated stuff. So far I've found it on wickes but the widths are very narrow and I feel like I would need hundreds when you take overlaps into consideration. I can't find it on focus and b& q sites at all. Is there anywhere else? I would like to find it online as I'm working on my plan and costings


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Do a yell serch for a plasics company near you, they supply people in the building trade for making conservatories and stuff, they will have a far bigger selection in loads of different sives and are by far the cheapest. If Norwich isnt to far for you their is a place just off constitution Hill, where Im getting mine. Im using the more expensive polycarbonate twin wall sheeting and even then its only £15 per 1m x 2m sheet.

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Hi Bron,


Our local B&Q definitely have it in their building yard section, because we were looking at the weekend, for our new run we're building.


The cost of the sheets we were looking at were: 3000mmX660mm @ £7.98, 2400mmX660mm @ £5.98, 1800mmX660mm @ £4.98 each.


Hope that helps.

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