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Will it make my chooks broody?

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Hi all,

I wasn't sure whether to post this in this section or the eggs one, but thought to go for this one as it's more to do with chook behaviour... please mods move this if needed, and sorry for the trouble...

I have bought some plastic and ceramic eggs to put in the eglu next box after seeing a suggestion on here that it might stop the chooks eating their own eggs... so far so good, we had our two eggs this morning (though whether that's because of the plastic eggs, or because I got there on time just after they were produced, I'm not sure yet)...

My question is, should I remove the plastic and ceramic eggs when I take out the real ones? I thought it'd be more convenient to leave them in, so I don't forget to put them back in each day, but I wonder if it might make the hens broody? I understand that if real eggs are left in too long, this might happen.

Any advice?

Thanks everyone.

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Am I right in thinking you have hybrids? If so it shouldnt be an issue as they are not known to be sitters. My hybrids never show any interest in their eggs, I think its just the purebreeds that you would need to worry about. Also being winter you should be fine, as most breeds tend to get broody in the spring.

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IMO wth hybrids at this time of the year shouldn't be an issue. Also I think a lot of what people say causes broodiness can be a bit old-wives-tale: maybe some truch, but probably not much.

Removing eggs promptly v good idea in case they get broken, chicken pecks at it, likes the taste, and develops habit of egg-eating.

However, once they're into the habit of laying in the nest box, why not just remove the plastic eggs permanently?

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