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Chicks and eglu cubes

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I have had some experience raising chicks that hatched in our cube but every time I have moved mum and chicks into a safer space away from other hens and predators(indoors) but have now run out of indoor space due to a glut of broody hens.

Has anyone on here raised chicks from day 1 with the flock and if so was it in an eglu or some other coop. As we have silkies we have a ramp instead of ladder anyway but I expect the roosting bars would prove an issue.

Would a ground lever coop in the same walk in run work?

All thoughts and suggestions welcome.


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Broody hens should be outside in a cage raised off the ground so the air gets underneath. This stops them from reaching incubation temperatures and after a few days they quit. Being in a cage in the run they came from means there won't be problems re-introducing them, because they have remained in close sight of the others in the flock.

This will give you space where you need it. Essential you keep the chicks and mother safe and they should be inside to avoid the mother struggling to keep them all warm. Sounds like roosting bars are a disaster waiting to happen. Scenerio  is chick falls through and mother deserts the others to try and rescue it. Result is they all get too cold.

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