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Bryn Gobaith

Odd behaviour ex bats

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We've just started keeping 1/2 dozen ex batts. They're doing great. But this one I've noticed does this "crop, neck or throat" thing. Should we be concerned? Is it impacted crop? I haven't noticed any hen not eating. See video here:  Coop cam

They've all had access to commercial mash (dry), poultry grit, pasture, and squabbled over a small daily handful of either wheat, chicken treat mix, or meal worms. But mainly the mash which they've all been tucking in to. No other strange bevaviours.

Any pointers would be appreciated, and thanks in advance.

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Hi, I haven't been around for a while but saw your post - can't view your video for some reason but it sounds very much like the chicken is simply adjusting its crop after eating.  Some do it more than others and one of mine looks like it's swallowed a snake sometimes with its 'neck dance'!  

Hopefully all your girls are keeping well.

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