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Omlet Freestyle INDOOR cat tree accessories (no poles) - Windsor, Berkshire

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I recently bought a preloved Omlet cat tree to extend our existing one (and to use one of the poles in our chicken run).   I also had some items from our original purchase that we built but didn't use in the end.    As a result, I've got a number of accessories available that we won't be using.

The shelves themselves are in fab condition. The covers are in good, used, condition.

My asking price for individual items is approximately half the current new price for each item.   

I'm happy to sell individually for the price shown, or as a job lot at a discount,  or something in between.

All items are for the Indoor Freestyle tree.   All items have the necessary brackets etc.

I have available:

  • Bamboo Bridge with Faux Sheepskin Pink Cushion
    Omlet price £71)    £35
  • Bamboo Bridge with Woven Grey Cushion ,
    Omlet price £69    £35
    (I could swap this for another Faux Sheepskin Pink if preferred)
  • Bamboo Hammock Platform with Hammock
    (Note that the inner cushion pad does not have a cover. I've priced accordingly) ,
  • Bamboo Pole to Pole Ramp with (easily replaceable)Cardboard Lounge Scratching Box
    (I have 2 of these, this is 1 of 2)
    Note, this can easily be converted to a "pole to floor ramp"
    Omlet price £78     £35
  • Bamboo Pole to Pole Ramp with (easily replaceable)  Cardboard Lounge Scratching Box
    (I have 2 of these, this is 2 of 2)
    Note, this can easily be converted to a "pole to floor ramp"
    Omlet price £78  £35
  • Bamboo Step with Faux Sheepskin Pink Cushion 
    Omlet price £38)   £20
  • Scratching Box for Bridge or Ramp - Cardboard (Wave shape)
    This has been stored in our loft, we didn't use it at all.
    Omlet price £11)   £5

    If you are interested in multiple items, please make an offer.
  • 20230902_154118.thumb.jpg.fa3a61cb36a0eba2d6f81eda51fe96a2.jpg20230902_154131.thumb.jpg.619ba0f175827ecf698f4ad97cb8b29b.jpg20230902_154306.thumb.jpg.d2c98e07dbbcb4b0c03339c0ffa3ea4d.jpg20230902_154317.thumb.jpg.26310de0008fe57f011626b6088094af.jpg20230902_154332.thumb.jpg.eaa518afa26695af3070fd40027f8215.jpg20230902_192636.thumb.jpg.a5c0877269916cab2b012bdbb16291f9.jpg20230902_194624.thumb.jpg.d2599ec93995b7469f6a79112c799171.jpg Omlet price £75  . £30

Thanks for reading


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