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.10 DAYS AGO MY KHAKI CAMPBELL had a awful eye we thought sh,e lost it the pupil was,nt visible and it look bad :cry: .Took her to vet who gave her anti biotics and painkillers.It cleared a little and as it got better it appeared she had,nt lost her eye at all.On monday her other eye started to look bad and has deteriorated also.Took her back to vet who gave her anti bac ointment to put in her eyes.Well they are still no better, runny swollen her lids are pussy looking.She shakes her head also.She is eating etc like normal.Does anyone have any advice??...........we see a different vet tomorrow who know s a bit more about ducks.My thought is a nasty eye infection but what to give her..she,s lost feather from round her eyes now and one was bleeding tonight ..so worried help!

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Tea is a natural antiseptic and works on birds eyes, dogs, cats, humans. It is brilliant stuff and really can help.

Just steep the tea bag in boiling water for a few minutes, squeeze it out and let the tea cool. Then bathe the eyes as many times a day as you can making sure to use a different cotton wool pad/kitchen roll for each eye to avoid cross contamination. :D


Hope that helps and good luck at the vets. :)

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...... :) .........just back from the vets :D ..........seems its mycoplasm or something like that.Got different eye drops, cream and medicine.Her eyes look awful even the vet was shocked :cry: .........made worse because she has been scratching.Hopefullt we,ll see an improvement soon.She,s been in the kitchen all morning and shes had 4 nice nig baths and a good flush out with thwe old sinuses and eyes which has helped.Just put her out with her chicken chums and she,s quacking away so she does,nt seem to bad in herself.I,ll try the tea tomorrow when I bring her in , in the morning for her medicine.Many thanks fluff. :D

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Hi there

I was just wondering, has she maybe come into contact with an irritant of some kind, maybe a neighbour has been spraying their garden with something she is allergic to? Has she been rummaging in plants she has not been exposed to before?

Has she been checked for mites? they would make her scratch and she could be catching her eyes with her claws.

I don't think you mentioned how your duck is kept, free rage etc?, but does she have access to clean water deep enough to dunk her head right in?

It's very important for ducks to keep their eyes clean.

You could leave her a deep container full of clean water, maybe with some tea in it as scrunchee suggested, a deep washing up bowl would do, put some grit in to encourage her to dabble on the bottom, this will keep her eyes clean.

It might be advisable to run the idea by your vet first so as not to conflict with any treatment he has given(you don't want to be putting eye ointment in only to have the duck run off and wash it out again)

I hope you resolve the problem

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