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Rolo Rabbit

New run is on its way!!

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Well, considering we were going to have a little hen house with short run attached, things have got a bit out of hand.


Tomorrow we're having some Leylandii chopped down to make room for the headheight run which DH and I are going to attempt to build over the next few weeks!!! We'll be using up bits of wood that we already had so it shouldn't cost much more than the original plan but I'm really happy that our future hens will have plenty of space.


Thanks to everyone who's put photos of their runs on the forum - they have helped enormously.


BTW I used to be chickenlickenlis but discovered there was already a chicken licken.

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Congratulations on your decision to build a walk in run. I know how exciting it can be planning a run as mine is being built tomorrow but I have admit I don't have the skills nor does my husband :roll: to do it ourselves so we have had to get someone to do it for us :D


keep us posted with how you get on :)

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The trees are now down so we have a large hole above the wall where we used to be hidden from the (not always very pleasant) neighbours. We plan to put boards there so the chickens don't have to chat to them if they don't feel like it.


We went hen-hunting at the weekend and found a lovely place in the middle of Devon-nowhere which sells very free-range hybrids and I think we've decided on Black Rock, a Light Sussex and a Magpie (?).


Excitement is now reaching fever pitch and it's still going to be weeks before we're ready!! I can only keep it all under control by logging on to Omlet and getting a regular chicken fix. :D


Looking forward to seeing your pics Paul. Ours won't be very exotic but it will do the job.

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