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More internet shopping!!

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In the interests of being thrifty and saving petrol of course :wink:


I was pondering on the chrismas hamper ideas for this year and thought why not do a girlie birthday type.

My daughter who is 10 goes to lots of partys for which a present is required and I have some friends who I buy small birthday pressies for.


I bought a paper potter from this site


And spotted some really cute hessian party bags and bought 8 (mostly the pink ones!)


Then found this site and ordered some bath bombs and wrapped soaps and a mixed pack of goodies



This all arrived today and I have wrapped all the bath bombs in cello wrap with a bit of gift ribbon and sorted tham into the bags and they have made lovley pressies. I have 8 birthday pressies ready to go and enough left over to do some more gift bags, I should have ordered more bags. Ill have to find some when I go shopping.


The soap centre postage is a bit dear but even taken this into account the cost of each gift works out to about £5.00, and no shopping required, which is good for me as I try to avoid it. The products are great and a fraction of the price in the shops.

I think Katies friends and mine will like them! :D

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Good idea to shop ahead for kids party gifts. We tend to get a bumper pack of books from www.thebookpeople.co.uk so we always have something to give. Kids always get too many toys and we like to be the boring ones who give books! (although the feedback we've had has been great!)


If you end up buying at the last minute it can end up costing way too much money, especially if they end up going to a lot of parties.

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Nothing wrong with book giving. They do get too many toys when they are small. Katie is now of an age where something a little more sophisticated is needed. Over the last few years it mas been all stationary. Bulk buys of gel pens, pencils, pencil cases and as many diarys with locks on as you can get :lol:

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