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3 pretty bantams need new home

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Due to extensive travel plans for rest of this year, need to find a new home for our 3 lovely fluffy footed bantams, Miriam (red) DillyDilly (lavender) and Freckle (speckled). They are not huge - we have all 3 in one Eglu and run, and they are not spectacular layers - but they are exceptionally cute and friendly! Please e-mail barbara@omlet.co.uk or reply to this message via this forum if you are interested. We live in North London.

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I wonder if I could persuade my folks to get them for you (it's near them) and hang onto them until they come up to Norfolk at Easter..... I think not, it's thick with foxes where they live


It's only two hours from you Kooringa....


Each way! But I think that it is more that that actually.


Shame though, I would have loved to have had them

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That's ok Clare*, I'm not getting any more, tempted though I am. I have spoken to my folks, who live near there to see if they know of anybody who would like them. Unfortunately they have too many foxes in their own garden; the poor girls would be in a permanent state of panic :roll:


Hey Kooringa, perhaps the seller would be prepared to meet you half way. :idea:

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I am not sure how to do this, bit of a chat room virgin. I think I've just emailed you, but anyway, don't really want any money for them, just want a good home for them. Freckle is about 1 year old, the two littler ones are about 6months each. Will try to take some pix.




I am sooo tempted Lesley, how much do you want for them, how old are they and do you have any pictures?


*repeat after me - I must resist the temptation to buy any more chickens.....*

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Lesley I have sent you a pm


If you click on my www below or look on the omlet home page for blog links - Allotment Lady - you will see how I am and how my three chickens are cared for.


Best wishes

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