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fox proof?

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hi again, i'm still new to all this and being the overly protective parent at the moment, but i have to ask with all this discussion about foxes, has there ever been any incidents of foxes getting into an eglu or an eglu run? I keep mine in the run all the time (unless Im in the garden with them) and had assumed that meant they're safe?? off to pop a 'warm' water bottle in for the night to keep the baldies warm x

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I don't think there is an incident of a fox getting into the run, i.e breaking through it BUT the run is 'fox resistant', not 'fox proof'.


There have been a couple of incidents where a fox either tunnelled underneath (it was on loose sandy soil, I believe) and one unfortunate incident where a hen was got through the Omlet mesh. That is very rare, but it can't be ruled out.


It's very much a matter of personal views, I am entirely happy to leave my Eglu door open all night as I don't believe the fox can get into my run, and believe me he has tried! But other people feel happier to shut the Eglu door - because the Eglu, if closed up correctly, IS foxproof. I don't think there has ever been a case of a fox managing to open the eggport or the door.


I think it's best to keep them in the run unless you are actually out in the garden, some people are able to let theirs free-range but I know mine would be 'foxed' within minutes if I wasn't around. It does depend on where you live, and how bold the foxes are though. Sorry, this hasn't exactly answered your question - there will be some other views shortly, no shortage of opinions on this question! :wink:


PS welcome to the wonderful world of chickens!

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