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Guinea bedding

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What bedding do you use for your guineas? I have put hay in at the moment, I ball it up thinking that it will keep them warm once they've snuggled into it but all they do is trample it down. They have extra hay in the other compartment for eating.


Can you use shredded paper or shredded kitchen roll.


Any tips for newbie guinea owner appreciated.



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I use a layer of wood shavings, followed by a layer of straw and then a mass of hay on top. My GP usually burrows into the hay but the rabbit eventually tramples it down so he ends up sitting on top of it all. You can use shredded paper, although not sure about kitchen roll. I think whatever you use they will eventually trample it down, that seems to be what guinea-pigs do! The only thing you could do is chuck a load in every evening just before bedtime. If it's really cold at night I bring mine in, but that's only because my guinea-pig is really old and I worry about him out in this freezing cold weather. In general all my past guinea-pigs have coped well with whatever the weather is like so, as long as they have each other to snuggle up to, they should be ok.

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