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Has anyone got a solution to my problem?

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Hi everyone,


I have a pink cube with a standard run, and my problem is the door to the run is so small, that I have great difficulty getting through it when I need to climb in to grab any eggs or to renew food etc. :(


Has anyone else had this problem? and if so has anyone made any modifications to the entrance to the run?


I would be grateful for any advice or help.





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Yes I have made the top half of the end panel hinge down so that I can climb in. I strengthend the whole by add ing a support arch from Omlet and added a horizontal bar across.

I also know someone else hinged the whole of the end panel sideways. I am going to try this when the weather gets a bit warmer for working in the garden. It will probably need a strengthener vertically on the panel itself. I will post pics when I am really happy that I have a successful mod.


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