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what to eat and drink out of?

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ive noticed a couple of u have little tubs that can hang on the wire of the run etc. or there is ones that u can put on the floor for food and water.

we are planning on 2-4 birds what is the best option for the birds i like the idea of on the wire then they dont spill, kick them over, etc but what do others find use and recomend.

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I have a grub'n'glug set, and the old-style "peanuts" that came with my secondhand eglu, and both work well. However, if it's low enough for a chicken to eat/drink from, a certain amount of kicked bark/hemcore will end up in it, so you will have to empty it regularly. A low-sided dish will quickly get buried - I found a 2" deep ceramic "dog" dish (used for treats) when I last raked out my run :shock:

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get something they can't easily kick over or climb into or onto.


we have plastic troughs that hang on the mesh and they work well but the little madams started climbing onto them and the rain got into the mash but both problems were solved by the addition of a home made hood arrangement, easier if i show you. DH made them from plastic plant drip trays and attached them with cable ties. You'll probably want to avoid all that messing about ;)





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