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Two laying?

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I think one of my new bantams is laying :)


I've had four little cream-coloured eggs in the last six days, which would be unusually productive for Angelica alone - she's very much an "egg every 2-3 days" girl. Two of the eggs (nearest and furthest ones in the photo) are very slightly speckled/marbled, like the one she laid just before we got the new girls, and the other two are pure cream. I'm assuming those belong to Pepper, since the owner told us she was in lay.




Glad to see they're earning their keep already! :D:D:D

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Just scrambled eggs for breakfast - I'm on a highish-protein diet (not as extreme as Atkins) for Lent, to try and kick-start my weight loss plans, so extra eggs are very welcome right now.


The largest is 45g, the others are 40g, according to my balance scales. The Poultry Club webpage on egg competition criteria says:


"Bantam eggs should not exceed 42.5g (1½oz). Eggs weighing in excess of this should be passed."


So I guess they are on the large side! Pepper is an unknown cross, though - she might not even be all bantam :shock:

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