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Breadmaker recipes required

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Does anyone have a good pizza dough recipe I can use in my breadmaker please?


I have decided to make my own even though I am addicted to the Margharita pizzas from Lidl :oops: I made them years ago and seem to remember the recipe being quite simple, but of course cannot remember it :roll: Also, does anyone freeze their own pizzas, and at which stage, I am thinking of freezing the cooked base with cooked topping but non melted cheese on, just to thaw and re-heat, would that be best?


I am also after a good tear and share bread recipe if anyone has one, that can be mixed in the breadmaker and cooked in the oven :D

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this is the one i always use


For the pizza dough, throw the following ingredients into a bread maker and set to the pizza dough setting –




350g strong white plain flour

7g easy blend yeast sachet

2 tablespoons olive oil

225ml (8 fl oz) milk (or water)

optional – teaspoon of sugar or honey

optional – 1/2 teaspoon of salt

optional – 1/2 teaspoon of black pepper


from this site http://www.pizzarecipe.org.uk/


p.s. i freeze the dough in portions and also freeze batches of the sauce then just defrsot and make the pizza as and when, I find it easier that way.

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Thank you! I see from the link that it makes three pizzas, that is a good batch size for me :D


Do you think a normal dough setting would be OK? My breadmaker doesn't have a pizza dough setting. The dough setting lasts for 1 hour 30 mins.


yes, I just use my dough setting and it's about 90 mins too. Get those pizza trays with the holes in, Asda do them for about £3 each, makes the base lovely and cripsy. I'm making pizza t'row, I also use the recipe for the pizza sauce from that site and then I usually add some ham, pepperoni and cheese.


Enjoy! :D

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Hi Claire


Here's a tear'n'share recipe from my Panasonic booklet - haven't tried it yet, though, as I'm on a diet :(


For the dough:


1 1/4 tsp yeast

550g strong white flour

2 tsp sugar

1 1/2 tsp salt

310ml water


Make on the dough setting (obviously!).


Olive tear'n'share


1 batch tear'n'share dough

6 tbsp tapenade

25g olives, chopped

2tbsp olive oil


1. Roll dough out into a rectangular sheet 1.5cm thick, approx. 24cm x 46cm


2. Spread the tapenade over the dough, sprinkle on the chopped olives and drizzle with 1 tbsp of the oil. Roll up from the short end like a swiss roll.


3. Cut the dough into 4cm slices with a sharp knife and place close together, cut sides up, in a 20cm round greased cake or flan tin.


4. Drizzle with the remaining tbsp of oil and allow to prove at 40 degrees C until doubled in size (approx 25 mins)


5. Bake in a preheated oven at 220 C/Gas Mark 7 for 15-20 mins or until golden brown.


There are variant recipes for pepperoni and ham'n'cheese versions - let me know if you'd like me to post them as well. And do let us know how it turns out!

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The pizza recipe we use is the one that came with the machine, and the children and their friends havent complained yet :lol:


half a tsp yeast

300g (11oz) strong bread flour

half tbsp sugar

15g unsalted butter

1 tbsp milk powder

1 tsp salt

210ml water


I have a pizza dough setting, which takes 45 mins, 10-15 mins kneading, 10-15 mins rising, 10 mins kneading and 10 rising.


I would imagine anything similar will be fine :D


Karen x


(edited as I forgto to say, I make twice the amount due to hungry horraces :roll: and it makes 4/5 large pizzas depending on how thin they are :D )

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Because I only use Spelt flour, I use one bread dough for everything! (I also make pasta with Spelt flour)


There are some lovely Bread Machine cookbooks around - I bought mine from Scotts of Stow, Claire, I'm sure they're in second hand book shops by now :wink: - or the library.


I make something the book calls Monkey Bread which I call a Tear & Share.


I make the dough into small balls and place them, just touching, into a rectangular tin with deep'ish sides. Then I poke them all over with my fingertips... quite hard, to make deep holes. Drizzle over a mix of olive oil, garlic, salt and chopped fresh rosemary. Leave to rise and then bake at 220C. until golden.

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Well, I made home made pizza on Saturday following the dough recipe provided by Poet, and it was quite nice! I did cook the pizza first before I put the topping on though, as I was worried about it all going soggy :?


I kept the rest of the dough in the freezer, and today defrosted it and made four individual pizza bases (television screen shaped to fit on the non stick trays :D ), cooked them, made a topping out of bits and bobs lying around, and put that on followed by the rest of the cheese I had bought. They are all now in the freezer awaiting a re-heat when required.


I've written the recipe on a post it and attached it to my breadmaker instruction booklet, so I can always find it :D


Must have a go at those tear and share recipes now :D

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