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smilers poultry farm any info

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Sorry thought I pm'd you but it's not in my sent items :? .


Smilers Farm is pretty good. They have a wide selection of all ages both pure bred and hybrids. Their prices are average. They are quite happy for you to have a look all over. You def need to phone first and ask them to double check if there is something specific you'd like. I went all the way there because they told me they had a chicken of a specific breed and colour and when I got there it was a colour I didn't like :x .


Their number is 01268 727 627 or 07921 859101 (Terry)


Another in Basildon is at the site of the old Basildon zoo. It's not as good because you tell the woman what you're interested in and she brings out things that might interest you (makes you wonder why :?: ) . You def have to call before you visit because the woman is really hard to get hold of. 01268 550844 . The chickens I got from there are nice and healthy and good layers though. Probably only worth it if you are after something specific.


Hope that helps



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