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Hi there,


Last week got my two new ex battery girls, Daisy and Bramble, to keep Flopsy company. My idea was for a start to keep them seperate, as normal, and then put them together.


Flopsy has an Eglu, but I put the new girls in a seperate run and house. I want them all to live together in the run and house because it is bigger than the Eglu.


So after a week of them all getting to know one another, I put Flopsy in the house last night to sleep with the other two. She didn't want to go in she was trying to get in the Eglu, which I had shut up, So I had to put her in with the other two myself.


Today the Eglu run has been closed up so non of them can get in there and when I went out I left the all in the bigger run together. There is not alot of squabbling going on.


Tonight at dusk, Flopsy went in on her own to sleep with the other two.


Now I am really worried, because it has been suggested to change Flopsy's sleeping arrangements would be too stressful for her.


Should I get the two new girls to go in the Eglu with Flopsy?


Should I put the Eglu in the large run, so Flopsy can have a choice where she sleeps?


I am really worried for Flopsy now, help what should I do ??



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you say there isn't a lot of squabbling and flopsy has willingly gone in to sleep with the other 2, have I got that right?


If she's gone in willingly then I wouldn't worry, she's obviously happy to be with them in that case, or have I mis-read what you posted?

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