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Using a broody-*more ?s*

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One of mine seems to have gone broody (Tina its one of them) and I'm going to leave her couple of days to check she is then I'm tempted to stick some eggs under her. I currently have my eglu free but would like to be able to us as little of the run as possible. I'm assuming she won't really use the run and will just get food and water when she needs it. Would I be ok bodging it so she just has one meter of run or in fact does she need any? Will she need any feed supplements? Plus do I need to shove her off the nest to remind her to eat/drink or will she do it?

Fingers crossed she satys broody because the last one managed 5 days I organised my eggs then she snapped out of it on her own accord.

(dh doesnt know yet :oops: )

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i am in exactly your position as it is my hen at the top of the pecking order who has gone broody so i am going to put her in the eglu with a 1 metre run and am going to give her six buff pekin eggs. the breeder told me that i could have bantams with big hens if i hatch them because the mother will look after them and as the mother is the top hen i dont think the others will try anything. she doesnt need much space and when the chicks hatch you can just leave her there and that is plenty of space for her to raise the chicks untill they are about 6 weeks old. :D

and yes she will get food and water on her own, best to leave her alone as if you give her too mutch attention she might stop sitting on the eggs!

i got this info off the breeder near me so if you have anymore questions i might be able to help!



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Well shes still broody and Ive managed to get some eggs so I'm going for it. I actually have two another joined her the day after. Theyre huddled up together in the cube nestbox. Would I be ok to use them both in the same eglu with eggs under them? I would give them a nest each though.

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