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When can the eglu go on the grass?

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Hi, I am fairly new to having gp's and was wondering if someone could tell me when I can put them out on the grass. They are currently living in an eglu on the patio but do not come out into the run that often so am eager to put them on the grass, but don't want to risk their health.


Please help!!!


Thanks, Gayle

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I put my rabbit and guinea pig out in their run on the grass for the first time today and they loved it. I checked it was dry first and only left them out for about 3 hours, they're now all snug and warm in their hutch. As Eglutine said, I'd wait a while yet, until it becomes warmer and dryer, especially if they will be on the grass permanently.

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I'd wait until the ground has dried out and warmed up a bit.


They are sensitive to the cold.


Well I hate to say this but my piggies have been out on grass all year! They come out onto the grass every day unless it's frosty. They are so snug and warm inside it seems being out is not a problem. They don't seem oversensitive to the cold or wind. They positively run around excitedly in wind!


I did bring them onto the patio once after they returned from a holiday at a friends house. They refused to come out for three days so I moved them back onto the grass.


The only thing I make sure is that the eglu faces away from the prevailing wind so their house is snug and warm.

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