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Homoeopathic guide for Hens

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Homoeopathy for laying hens


As promised I’ve put together some details of remedies and their use with your chickens. I have been guided by an experienced homoeopath, who keeps hens but note these are for guidance only and do not replace veterinary diagnosis or interventions. Omlet and it’s forum moderating team cannot take responsibility for the use or contents of this guide.


If in doubt please seek the advice of a vet.


All remedies 30c


Aconite – Collapse and shock of any kind. Useful when introducing hens and for ex batts and other hens that have been transported to their new home!


Arnica – All wounds, cuts and bruising.


Calc Carb – Thin shells and abnormalities of the shell


Belladonna - Egg peritonitis, swellings that are red, hot, fevers


Sulphur – wasting and diarrhea, skin, vent disorders, mites an lice


Sepia - Ex Batts who are shell shocked when first rehomed


Rhus tox for joint problems


Adonis and Digitalis 30c - heart problems, blue comb. Amazing results with this combination.



All given in 30c for a week or until symptoms subside. You can add to drinking water.



Further reading


The Poultry Doctor - Minerva Books


Galen Homeopathic send remedies through the post very quickly - 01305 263996

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