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My first day as a chicken mummy!

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The chooks arrived late last night so got put straight in the eglu for some sleep. They seemed to do better than me (i spent all night worrying what I'd let myself in for) and I woke them up in the morning.


Opened the eglu door at about 7 this morning and my heart skipped a beat as I thought they'd all been taken cos I couldn't see them....a quick look through the egg port showed me all of them crammed in the corner above the nest box. It made me laugh, you could of fitted about 20 hens in there, they were sqeezed up so tight.


In the first 10 mins of them being awake we got our first egg! It was tiny, but perfect. Then the moment was ruined when one of the others found a worm and they all ran round trying to grab it. Very entertaining!


Weather wasn't great but I kept popping out to check on them. Thankfully the pecking so far doesn't seem to bad. They seem to peck each others beaks alot, but the one being pecked will just stay still and close their eyes. There hasn't been any real aggresion yet.


They all found their food and water ok, but i was very suprised at how little they have eaten and drunk. Nothing like what i expected.


Also, i read that they pooh alot, but I am amazed! There seems to be pooh everywhere! After only a day it looks like i should clean the run out...how do people go 4 weeks?!


Come 6.30 and my little ladies had taken themselves to bed all on their own, no help! Such clever little chooks!


All in all, I think it was a good first chicken day! :D

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They are clever birdies. I saw a film yesterday where a chicken was given a TV to watch for 10 minutes. It was a film of another chicken eating from a red bowl.


They then put the TV exposed chook in a room with a red bowl full of hidden food and two identically made(but yellow) bowls that were empty.


3 seconds in and Ms TV chook was munching away from the red bowl. She completely ignored the other two bowls. Amazing

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Congratulations on your new chickens! How lovely!


Peanut, I hate to put a dampner on your tv thing, but red is a colour that chickens are naturally attracted to - it would be extremely impressive if it had been blue, but I think the fact they chose red is highly significant!

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I was feeling so chuffed to get my first egg yesterday, had hoped to get another to join it today so OH and I could have one each. Unfortunatly we got an egg, but it was the inside first and then a soft empty shell after :( Looks like we'll be having a mouthful each of yesterdays!

Tried to give then some cabbage today but they just aren't interested. They haven't even gone to look at it...too busy scratching around. Is there anything I can do to encourage them to eat it and show them it is food?

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